Brewing As Art retiring @ Brewery Silvaticus!

Hey Everyone,

It’s been some time since I updated this page and wanted to let you all know what the future of BAA is..

After spending the better part of 3 years on this project (Building/Openings/Demonstrations) the sculpture wound up in my tool house here on Tamarack Farmstead as my main test batch system for my (and partner Jay Bullen) soon to be open brewery in Amesbury, MA called BREWERY SILVATICUS


We are set to open this summer 2017, and since my new test system will be 7bbl’s, Brewing As Art will properly retire in our Brewery/Taproom. Although it will no longer be producing Beer, it will be on permanent display so that everyone that visits us can see the origins of the beer they are consuming as well as being able to appreciate the beautiful sculpture that my partner Scott Van Campen was able to execute…
I had my hand in the building of this sculpture but it was truly Scott’s vision and his artistic abilities that really brought it to life! I am forever grateful to have been able to work on this project with Scott and will always look back on the time we spent fondly as well as the 4 years I lived on Staten Island…

Scott and I ALWAYS envisioned BAA to finally retire in a brewery so the project is now officially come full circle. The added bonus to all of this is that it is retiring in MY BREWERY and I will get to enjoy it indefinitely…

I will fully document the sculpture arriving at the brewery the day it happens… Stay tuned!

Cheers for now!




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