Good News/ Bad News!

Hey Everyone!

There is some good news AND Bad news to report on the Brewing As Art front…

First the good news, We have a great piece written about us in the new issue of Brew Your Own Magazine! It has a ton of photos and I even got some of my recipe’s in the article as well!  For those of you who know me, this is special because of my passion for brewing so I would like to Thank Glenn BurnSilver for the article. Cheers Brother! Originally when Scott and I participated in the article it was not expected to run until the New Year because all of the years issues were supposedly already written, so this came as a complete and welcome surprise!

Full disclosure, I still haven’t seen it because I didn’t get my copy in the mail yet! As soon as I get it, I will scan and post it for all to see…in the meantime look for it at your news stand, it is the December 2012 issue.

Now the bad news…

By now everyone is aware of the devastation of Hurricane Sandy and what it did especially to my former home Staten Island. Well unfortunately, Scott’s metal shop New York Custom Fabricatorsis only a couple of hundred yards from the Staten Island waterfront and the metal shop was under 3 feet of water from the Narrows…

I had been hesitant to post about this because Scott lost a great portion of his livelihood in the flood and I didn’t want to be petty pining on about our Art project when Scott lost so much personally…

That said, Scott like most NYers are bouncing back and getting back to normalcy. He has been working again and of course rebuilding his shop. Scott tells me the Sculpture although it was up to it’s headlight in water, will clean up and live to brew and be seen again…Welcome news and happy that’s all that happened.

Although I no longer call NYC my home, my love and all my heart goes out to the place from which I came…

Cheers people and hope to see you out there and tip a glass with you soon…


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