BAA Wins “Editors Choice” Award @ The 2012 NYC Makers Faire!

Scott and I were very proud to win the Editors Choice award at the Makers Faire last weekend. It was totally unexpected and we are very proud of this achievement. Considering all the great inventions, art projects and beautiful DIY creations that were present, we are humbled and want to Thank everyone who made the event such a success. The Organizers, the Makers and especially the Public which gave us such an overwhelmingly positive response. Before the weekend was over, the organizers we already discussing having us back next year so…


The Gingerfoot Quadruple I brewed for the Makers event on Friday night was never suppose to be poured for the public but since it was a raining that evening and there was a lot of confusion that night with the setups, no one even knew I was pouring beer except for the few souls who happen to walk by…

So I had plenty left over for the first wave of the public who came to see the sculpture and I’m happy it worked out that way!  The response to the brew was so great that it charged my batteries to be able to get thru the the next 2 days sick, tired and hungover! I literally talked about beer & the sculpture for almost 3 days straight and it made me grateful to be part of project that keeps on giving back. If BAA does come back next year, you can bet that I will make enough beer to be pouring samples for the duration…

BAA is a DIY project that I think embodies the Makers movement and I am very proud to be considered one of them!

That said, here are some pics from the day and I hope you all enjoy!

Cheers till next year!


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