ATTENTION HOMEBREWERS! I am accepting submissions for the RCCBF

As I posted earlier “Brewing As Art” will be on display @ The Richmond County Craft Beer Fest. Here is a repost of details on how Homebrewers can enter the Beer competition for the $1000 Grand Prize!

As I posted the other day, I am putting together the Homebrew portion of The Richmond County Craft Beer Fest on Saturday October 22nd. I am know officially accepting submissions to be part of the “Malt Shed”.

The only requirement is that you will have to provide at least 5 gallons of beer to be served at the event. You can bring more, but in order to have your beer judged you have to be able to pour it for the public. So in other words, if you want to submit 2 beers for the competition, you will have to provide 10 gallons (5 gallons of each beer) for the public.

We will select no more than 15 slots for the “Malt Shed” and will be picked out of the hat randomly. There will be 2 ways to enter:
1) You send your name, e-mail,your number and how long you have been brewing to
2) I will be attending the big Brooklyn Homebrew Competition “Brooklyn Wort” on Saturday September 10th (Sponsored by Brooklyn Homebrew one of our sponsors for the RCCBF) and signing Homebrewers up in real time!

The deadline for submissions is September 15th and will announce the winners shortly thereafter…

The Best of Show First prize will be – $1000
2nd Prize – $250
3rd Prize – $150

There will also be a Public’s Pick with prizes TBA

Good Luck and e-mail me with any questions!

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