BAA in Beer Advocate & Kudos to the Brooklyn Wort Competition!

We’re very proud to announce that BREWING AS ART is the feature in this months Beer Advocate!
(#49, in the INNOVATION column)
We want to Thank Lisa Morrison for her fine journalism as well Jason & Todd Alstrom for the opportunity to grace the pages of their mag…
I’ve always considered Beer Advocate “The Thinking Man’s Beer Mag”…kinda like the New Yorker for beer lovers so to me this is one of the great honors in all the publicity our little beer sculpture has produced!
We also wanted to Thank everyone involved in the Brooklyn Wort Homebrew Competition this past Sunday! It was a phenomenal turnout and was all about the homebrewers! There were many great beers and beer lovers in attendance so obviously BAA fit right in…
A special Thanks go out to Ben & Danielle of Brooklyn Homebrew and everyone from the Sycamore & Gowanus Studio Space for making it all possible.I will post pictures from the various events last week in the next few days…
Cheers for now…

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