BAA on TV/ Killmeyers & Smash-A-Pumpkin Seasonal

We shot or episode for the reality TV series yesterday at Scott’s metal shop and have to say it went even better than expected! There was ALOT of focus on the sculpture as well as what we are trying to accomplish with it. Which is using it as an educational tool, identifying brewing as a legitimate form of artistic expression and of coarse challenging peoples perception of art. I want to especially Thank the film crew for being professional and getting me off to work on time! The final segment will be filmed this Friday, December 10th @ Killmeyers Old Bavaria Inn 7pm. There will be some German Hors D’oeuvres served as well as FREE samples of my “Smash-A-Pumpkin Seasonal Ale”(formally known as “Smashing Pumpkin Ale” but someone is using the name already!) as well as some reality TV show surprises! So I hope you all can make it down and help us celebrate this year long collaboration!

Here are directions to Killmeyers:

Cheers and Thanks in Advance!


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