Smashing Pumpkin Ale!

I brewed a special “Smashing Pumpkin Ale” for the opening next Friday Dec. 10th and I just wanted to report that after a tasting this morning, (Yes that’s right, a tasting before noon! Someones gotta do it!) I have to admit it really does taste like a smashed pumpkin! Or maybe like you just jammed your head into an open pumpkin! HAHA! (Hmmm…”Jam Your Head in a Pumpkin Ale” maybe I like that better!)
That said I will be giving out FREE samples my “Smashing Pumpkin Ale” to anyone who attends the opening. Make sure your there on time because there is only 5 gallons and I’m sure it will go quick!
The opening will start at 7pm sharp with the reality show crew shooting it’s final segment for the show. There will also be a German buffet of sorts as well as some surprises! I’ll report more after our shoot this Tuesday the 7th.
Here are directions to Killmeyers via their website:

Hope to see you all there and Cheers!

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