BAA will be @ Strawbery Banke in Portsmouth, NH Tomorrow!

Brewing As Art hits the road and for the first time making and appearance outside of NYC!

Tomorrow, (Sat. Sept.14th) @ 4pm, we will make a special guest appearance at  Strawbery Banke in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. For those of you not in the know, Strawbery Banke is one of the oldest continuously occupied settlements in America dating back nearly 375 years. It serves today as a historic outdoor museum, event space and educational connection with the past…

“Passport 2013- A Craft Beer and Culinary Tour”  is a collaboration with local chefs paired up with more than 20 craft breweries. Learn about beer styles and the cuisines they compliment!

Unfortunately, the event is SOLD OUT! But for those of our friends that are attending, come by and say HELLO and tip a pint with us!

Cheers for now…




Scott’s Art inspired by Sandy on CBS News This Morning!

A great piece ran on CBS News this morning about how Artists draw inspiration from Tragedy…

Scott’s piece in the gallery was a picture he took of the beached Tanker across the street from his studio and a frame he made from the ruined metal that was scattered thru out his shop…

Check it out:


BAA Badly Damaged in Sandy but Lives to Brew Again!

As you all know by now, Hurricane Sandy devastated Staten Island and Brewing As Art was no exception. Scott’s shop sustained more damage than ever imagined and for obvious reasons BAA was not a top priority. A few weeks have gone by and I was in town for a visit, so we decided it was a good time to assess the damage to BAA.

First thing you noticed is the water line on the body just under the headlight! (About 3 ft) It is hard to imagine this much water actually swept thru the shop. This was no ordinary wave though, it was a combination of salt water, grease, dirt, silt, and every chemical Scott ever used in the shop.When I stripped the ball valves and all the stainless parts on the kegs there was a greasy film on it all that is pretty hard to remove. They are still currently soaking in my brew space here on Tamarack Farm.

After assessing the condition of the sculpture, we decided to fire it up to see if the gas lines we compromised. It barley lit up and we soon realized the there was still salt water in the burners! We pulled and cleaned all the gas lines and sure enough it burned like it’s old self.

We haven’t decided at this point how much we want to restore and how much we want to keep, it is something Scott and I are working out over the next few months and will keep you all posted on our progress…

In the meantime, I uploaded the pics from the day for you all to see…

Cheer till’ next time


BAA on Fox

Check out the latest piece written by our good friend Amy Zavatto about Extreme Brewing, Brewers pushing boundaries and of coarse Brewing As Art!


BAA Feature on inSIde

The Council on the Arts and Humanities for Staten Island were the ones who gave us the seed money to get our Brewing Sculpture off the ground. We have a lot of respect and admiration for what they do and have done for the Art Scene in NYC and of coarse especially for Staten Island. We appreciate that they got our concept and saw in it what were seeking to accomplish and for that we will always be grateful…

So it was nice to see the piece that they wrote about us in their online presence inSIde called Grantee Yearbook.

Although we got our grant in 2010, we still show BAA frequently and are still receiving  just as much positive response as we did when it was first built and shown. Thanks soo much to COAHSI for all their support and Thank You “Monica V” for such a flattering article!

In addition, the website for Brew Your Own Magazine has posted the article they wrote about BAA (Dec.2012) on their website for viewing, for those who have not seen it here it is:

Cheers for now…


BAA in the December Issue of Brew Your Own Magazine!

Happy Holidays Everyone!

As I mentioned in the last post, Brewing As Art is featured in the December issue of Brew Your Own Magazine! It is a fairly in depth article concentrating on the art/construction side of the project. Glenn BurnSilver did a wonderful job of outlining our vision for the Sculpture and was beautifully framed with images taken by Mike Shane during the construction process in Scott’s metal shop; NY Custom Fabricators. I believe it is the best piece written to date on our “Franken-Brewery”

As many of you know, BAA was sitting under 3 feet of water in Scott’s Shop due to Hurricane Sandy. Over the last few weeks Scott has been busy trying to get his life back in order so we have not at this point addressed the damage to the Sculpture.That said, Scott tells me he is confident it will brew again so stay tuned for updates…

Here’s the PDF if you can’t wait to get the print copy:


Cheers for now…


Good News/ Bad News!

Hey Everyone!

There is some good news AND Bad news to report on the Brewing As Art front…

First the good news, We have a great piece written about us in the new issue of Brew Your Own Magazine! It has a ton of photos and I even got some of my recipe’s in the article as well!  For those of you who know me, this is special because of my passion for brewing so I would like to Thank Glenn BurnSilver for the article. Cheers Brother! Originally when Scott and I participated in the article it was not expected to run until the New Year because all of the years issues were supposedly already written, so this came as a complete and welcome surprise!

Full disclosure, I still haven’t seen it because I didn’t get my copy in the mail yet! As soon as I get it, I will scan and post it for all to see…in the meantime look for it at your news stand, it is the December 2012 issue.

Now the bad news…

By now everyone is aware of the devastation of Hurricane Sandy and what it did especially to my former home Staten Island. Well unfortunately, Scott’s metal shop New York Custom Fabricatorsis only a couple of hundred yards from the Staten Island waterfront and the metal shop was under 3 feet of water from the Narrows…

I had been hesitant to post about this because Scott lost a great portion of his livelihood in the flood and I didn’t want to be petty pining on about our Art project when Scott lost so much personally…

That said, Scott like most NYers are bouncing back and getting back to normalcy. He has been working again and of course rebuilding his shop. Scott tells me the Sculpture although it was up to it’s headlight in water, will clean up and live to brew and be seen again…Welcome news and happy that’s all that happened.

Although I no longer call NYC my home, my love and all my heart goes out to the place from which I came…

Cheers people and hope to see you out there and tip a glass with you soon…



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